The joys and trials of being a mother and wife are exhilarating and exhausting.  As mothers we wear so many hats that it’s amazing that we can juggle all of them, let alone simultaneously.  Motherhood is the hardest, most educating and ultimately most rewarding experience I could ever have.  I am a mother of four three – I sometimes include my husband in the number, because quite honestly it feels like that at times.  I often hear myself rant about how I’m a teacher, a doctor, a therapist, an arbitrator, etc. but in all actuality three words could sum up my ranting by saying I’M A MOM…………….hence, Momology301 (for the three children………… I’m sure you’ve figured that out).

Visit my blog for topics about the kids, marriage, motherhood and life.  And you can check out my husband’s blog, “My Daducation” – a satirical look at fatherhood and all it has to teach him.  Sometimes we’ll do a he said/she said so you get both perspectives.  Check us out often……….you never know what we’ll be talking about.