The Pee In The Pot

One of the most annoying things I have to live with is threepee males that can’t keep their pee in the pot.  Although extremely irritating, it is more understandable coming from my two little guys.   They are so caught up in their  play that they don’t even really want to stop what they’re doing to pee, let alone take the time to aim in the right direction so as not to cause a flood on the floor.  The “leader of the pack,”  AKA – Daddy, however,…I hold more accountable.   He thinks he has an alibi now that he has two other males to blame his mess on…but believe me, I’m not buying it.

When I first started complaining about the pee around the bottom of the toilet (near the anchor caps) my husband was shocked that I thought it may be him.  He emphatically denied any involvement in the mysterious “pee” caper.  He quickly offered up the idea that it may be one of the boys.  Not being well educated in the male species’ peeing habits, especially little boys, I figured it was a possible explanation…but it was not going to stop me from investigating further.

We have two bathrooms, one which I immediately declared mine and one that is for all of us.  That’s not to say that I do not let anyone else use “my bathroom,” it’s just simply the place where all my “girlie” stuff resides.  My bathroom is right outside my sons’ room so it is customary for the boys to use it most of the time.  The other bathroom is on the next floor, right outside our bedroom.  My husband primarily uses the bathroom outside our bedroom.  The kids really only use this bathroom when they are getting ready for bed at night.

For the longest time I would find pee around the the anchor caps of the toilet primarily used by my husband but since the boys may have used that toilet in the evenings, during their nightly rituals, I could not definitively say that it was him.  I sure as heck brought it to his attention numerous times, but he would always use the “blame it on the kids” excuse.  Recently, due to my husband working more from home, and having his office right off  “my bathroom,” he frequents “my” toilet more often.  Guess what?  I have found pee around the anchor caps of that toilet now more often than the bathroom outside our bedroom.  What other conclusion am I to draw?  It must be HIM — “the leader of the pack”.

All this wouldn’t be such a big deal if…A) he would just admit it’s him, and B) CLEAN IT UP HIMSELF.  Cleaning a toilet in itself is at the top of my list of “most disgusting jobs that I have,” let alone if there is more disgust added to it than necessary.  Nobody likes cleaning up other people’s bodily fluids, but we Moms sign on to do that for our children…let me repeat that……..FOR OUR CHILDREN.  Now my husband, whom I do consider my fourth child at times (and this is just one of the reasons why), actually is not a child so I expect that when he pees he takes a look to discover if in fact he has “backsplashed” as he likes to admit COULD possibly happen.  If by his surprise he does discover that he in fact is the culprit then…HE SHOULD CLEAN IT UP or better yet……..JUST PEE IN THE POT!!toiletseat

This debate has been going on now for about the past three years.  This is another time that I expect my husband to READ MY MIND.  I shouldn’t have to tell him to clean up a mess if he makes one.  If he knows this is an issue, and I’ve made it abundantly clear that it is, why then does he not get a disinfectant wipe (they are sitting right next to the toilet) and clean up any mess he sees ?  I mean we all know it can’t be coming from me (it’s physically impossible),  so why am I the one who gets to clean it up?

*DISCLAIMER*  This article is based on opinions from the author and doesn’t necessarily represent facts (as per my husband).



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6 responses to “The Pee In The Pot

  1. Rebuttal coming…..

  2. I have 2 young sons as well and I can TOTALLY relate to this post! Although, my younger son is not yet at the potty training age so it’s really just the older one and my husband I am always cleaning up after. Ugh!

  3. LOL! Mu hubby is the exact same way! We have two daughters so I don’t have to worry about trying to teach any other males how to hit the target, thank goodness. I have a hard enough time with just one…and he’s an adult!

    Found you on Mom Blog Network, love the blog! Now I’ll go over and read your hubby’s blog…

  4. He’s taking a picked wiss!
    I have No Clue if your hubs does anything around the house such as minor cleaning, vacuuming, washing/drying dishes, occasional washing/drying of clothes; but mine does and works a job too. I’ll grant you that he does Not do all of these things All of the time but contacts me and/or takes it upon himself as to what is appropriate to keep things clean and picked up and at least acts like he wants to help as much as is possible with his other duties. His attitude about these things is correct and a very Positive addition in so many ways to our relationship. So do I overlook some other issues that annoy the s..t out of me at times? Yes, but pissing on the floor is not one of them and is Not Allowed, and if he does occasionally, he knows he MUST clean it up immediately! Establish the territory and communicate it to him and don’t back down and life will be so much easier for everyone! The problem is that you have let this go on for 3 years and you need to talk with him and set some new bounderies. Since you have 3 boys including hubs; if THEY pee on the floor(and apparently they do, then THEY clean it up and HE should be the enforcer for them and himself! IMO, you shouldn’t have to be involved except while he’s at work in enforcing this policy. And Not Involved in Cleaning Up Their piss-wiss!! Make them clean up their own!!

  5. brucehood

    This appears to the beginning of a formal investigation… collecting evidence and setting up a sting operation to catch him out. I suggest feeding him asparagus and looking for tell-tale green staining. Case -solved..

    BTW found you on


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